How Should A Good Website Be

“They say different strokes for different folks” which means everyone has a different idea of how a thing should be and in this case, a website. But I can say some of these ideas are based on error and in many cases only the visual appearance of a website is emphasized. Of course, a good website should look good, but that shouldn’t be the only basis to determine a good one. Follow this link if you want professional help in website creation.

For many web authors, good websites are primarily websites that exploit all sorts of technical refinements. Flash movies, JavaScript effects, animated GIFs and other items can be found on such websites. Granted, these websites are impressive. However, in these cases, there is often a lack of user-friendliness. Rather, such effects are expected from computer games and similar media. The disadvantage of such websites is that they are not usable with slow Internet connections or without the installation of various plugins. Generally one should renounce the mentioned technologies as far as possible if one wants to create good websites above all for business purposes and the sides should be accessible to all, because one wants to reach a broad customer circle.

The same applies to high-resolution images. Some web authors think that their websites are good websites because the images they have built into them are of high quality. Most of the time, however, this will annoy users a lot more, either because they have to wait too long for the page to load, or at a volume rate for transferring a big picture.

How To Identify A Good Website

Out of a host of many, I will give you three ways to know a good website

  • Good websites have to look good with every browser: Web pages are often optimized for a specific browser, mostly for Internet Explorer. This is unnecessary in most cases. There is really no reason to optimize a website for a specific browser only. Rather, it blocks even users and thus possibly potential customers. Good websites are therefore not optimized for a specific browser, but are displayed well by the browser independently

  • A good website should not be overloaded with too many contents

  • Good websites are made for people: Always remember who you make your websites for, not for yourself, but for your visitors. You want to communicate something to your visitors and maybe animate them to buy a product or service. To achieve this, you must arouse interest. This works best with attractive content. The content is the lifeblood of good websites. Attractive content ensures that people spend a long time on one page that it’s why professionalism is needed most times in this aspect. Go through this link to know more about an expert content agency, Http:/

I also want to reiterate that before any other feature, a website should be open for all