How to Choose the Best Acting Coach in Los Angeles 

The doors of the entertainment industry are continuously revolving. Are you skilled in acting? Don’t get caught in the dead-end hallways.

A professional acting coach in Los Angeles could be a light in the darkness.

But why a coach? Are they worth the money and time? And how do you choose the right one?

Well, if you can’t act there is not a lot a coach can do for you. But if you think you have some talent in the acting field – a professional acting coach in Los Angeles would be able to expose what is already inside you…if it is the right coach.

These 4 attributes need to be at the top of your list.


A well connected and experienced coach will have much to offer you…beyond acting lessons. Their seasoned insight can save you money and time by helping you bypass major pitfalls on your journey to success.

Experience will enable them to see your strengths & weaknesses. Intuition will help them look beyond that amazing smile and see your raw acting potential ready for mining.

An experienced coach will have acting clips for clients to view which will strengthen the connection between the teacher and student.


Passionate coaches have the greatest influence on their students.  Excitement…enthusiasm…persistence. The passion for your craft will sustain you when the path is uneasy.

The Passion displayed through your coach will give you energy to continue preparing -just like ole’ Abe Lincoln said, “I will prepare and someday my chance will come.”

A great acting coach will reflect a belief in you…when you can’t. They will push, but not control. Listen, as you clarify. Show you how to use your natural talent for acting without teaching you to act as they do.


A dynamic acting coach must have confidence in their abilities before it can be transferred to you. Inner strength will reflect confidence in all you do.

When searching for a professional acting coach in Los Angeles…a wardrobe of confidence should be their calling card. A confident mentor will enable you to build trust, connection, and a working relationship.

Confidence is not an act…the best acting coaches plant seeds in you and nurture the growth – which produces inner confidence that becomes part of you…spilling over on stage, audition after audition.


When you are ready to step on stage and impress your audience – the right professional acting coach in Los Angeles will have personal connections and the tools you will need for stepping through the right doors of success.

Take the time for a thorough rehearsal and you will reap the curtain calls.