How To Plan For A Catering Event On A Tight Budget

We have all attended a big event where the food wasn’t a great experience. Sadly, many event planners tend to make most of their budget cuts on the food thinking that people wouldn’t mind eating cheap food because it is free. This is very wrong because serving up cheap food can ruin even the most fantastic events of the year.

Instead of compromising with the food, it is best to hire the best catering companies that offer good food at affordable and reasonable prices. Aside from that, here are some event planning tips to help cut back on the food budget without affecting its quality:

Tip 1: Cheap And Affordable Are Different Things

Hiring a cheap catering company means sacrificing the quality of the food. Although they might seem the same, an affordable catering service is not the same as a cheap caterer. Affordability means that the catering company will provide good quality food at the price you can afford. Whereas a cheap caterer will cut corners to ensure it is all about quantity rather than quantity.

Be very cautious before hiring a cheap caterer as there is a big possibility that the food they provide will not even be prepared properly.

Tip 2: Be Prepared When Meeting With Your Caterer

All of the best catering companies will take the time to meet with you and discuss the menu for the event. During this meeting make sure to come prepared with a guest list and your food budget. The more accurate the number of guests you have, the better your caterer can prepare a menu that is fitting for the party without going over your budget.

Never be afraid of being overly prepared for meetings, this way you know you can easily stay on budget.

Tip 3: Suggest A Bring Your Own Booze (BYOB) Option

In all honesty, the biggest expense in catering doesn’t really come from food, the drinks usually cost more. Instead of going cheap on the food selections, why not give yourself some more wiggle room and ask your guests to kindly bring their own booze. It might seem a little off-putting at first, but you and your guests won’t regret it when everyone is dining on delicious food while also enjoying a few drinks here and there.

Tip 4: Always Ask About All-Inclusive Packages

Catering companies do their best to help clients throw a memorable event. One way they do this is by offering all-inclusive packages that include food, drinks, servers, and even table setup. If you want a more hassle-free catering experience, this is an option worth asking about when speaking to a caterer.

Try Not To Go Too Cheap

If your budget does not allow you to serve a full meal during an event, maybe reschedule the event to a time where only light snacks are required. Trying to push an event when you cannot afford to feed your guests high-quality food will only result in a disaster. Be careful and choose a catering company who will gladly work with you and your budget without compromising the quality of food.

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