How to Prevent Fraudulent Attitudes of Data Recovery Companies?

So the worst happened. Your HD has stopped working and you can no longer access the years and years of information that is inside it. The solution is to look for RAID data recovery experts in Westchester – understand why it is not advisable to search for an internet program – and hope for recovery to be successful.

In fact, we do not always have to rely on luck when we deliver our failing HD to a data recovery company. There are companies, and if you know how to choose, you will hardly have your data back. But very carefully, the market is littered with malicious data recovery companies that are eyeing only their money.

Since we at Salvagedata have complete confidence in the quality of our services and work with great transparency, we have listed two fraudulent and amateur examples of what some companies – if we may call it that – do for money. Check it out and stay tuned:

  • When the client cannot afford the budget made after the diagnosis of the HD, the “company” returns the media open, with the parts separated or poorly docked – we have already heard of cases where the customer received his media and the head reading in a vacuum bag – and because it is a sensitive equipment, this minimizes the chances of another company being able to recover.
  • In some cases it is really impossible to recover the data from a media, but this is only acceptable when its degree of damage is really high, and not when the company is unprepared to perform the operation. Some companies, when unsuccessful, scratch and further damage the HD, to have “an excuse” to give the customer and minimize the chances of another company to be successful in recovery – as this would call into question the quality of their service.

Data recovery is serious, and as such requires preparation and theoretical foundation. We at New York Salvagedata are a specialized data recovery company, we have cases of success spread all over the world and very high level of satisfaction of our clients. Our commitment is with the quality of the service, so we are totally transparent in our recovery processes, allowing the client to follow everything closely, and only pay if you have your data recovered. You are our guest to confer and discover in practice the real importance of all this that we speak.