How to sell skins / pub items for real money on Skinsmarket?

I will try to give a clear answer to the question “How to sell things or skins pubg (pubg) for real money.” As you know, it is impossible to withdraw money directly from Steam, so we will be helped by intermediary websites, where you can sell your things there and withdraw money from the site. The process is not complicated, but there are still some nuances.

What do you need for selling skins Pubg?

  1. Your Steam account, where there are skins that can be put up for sale.
  2. Confirmed Steam Guard.
  3. The intermediary site Skinsmarket.

Where to sell items Pubg?

In fact, you can sell your skins, so only you will have to choose on many sites. It is desirable that this site was Skinsmarket. This site just will not throw you, so you can safely sell there. From the first, it is not the first time I withdraw money.

Skins in CS: GO – sales opportunities at Skinsmarket

Shooter –°ounterStrike: GlobalOffensive can now be called one of the most popular games in the world. It attracted the attention of not one million users of different ages and genders. Became for many a favorite entertainment and a simple way to earn real money. Thinking about cheating? Not at all! You can get real income from this game by exchanging skins for banknotes. Sales of CSGO items right now are carried out using special online resources. One of the best platforms for the commission of legal transparent transactions is the Skinsmarket platform. On this resource, it is very easy and safe to exchange unwanted skin for specie.

Although for the sale of such items, there are a number of other options. For example, the number one method is a bargain with other players of the game. Of course, you can sell unnecessary skins to a stranger, a stranger, but remember that there are enough scammers on the Internet. You can stay without a subject, and without the money earned.

Using method number two, useless skins are implemented by the player through the Skinsmarket. This method greatly increases the possibility of making a useful transaction and eliminates the risk of meeting scammers.

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