Is Candy a Superpower? Amazing Reasons to Eat It

Your mother may have always advised you about the negative side effects of eating too much candy. What about the good reasons to eat it? The best gift you can give someone may be a little candy because it can even be good for your health and well-being. Like anything, too much can have negative effects.

Longer Life

According to Harvard School of Public Health, eating candy regularly but in small amounts can help you live longer. Specifically, one to three times per month. Daily candy consumers were also proven to live a more lengthy life than those who don’t eat it. This discovery goes against previous assumptions.

Dark Chocolate and Age

Dark chocolate with 85% cocoa or higher is supposed to be better for you since it has less sugar and fat than milk chocolate. When adults age 50-69 were subjected to a recent study, a chemical in chocolate and cocoa was discovered to lower age-related memory loss. Blood flow to the memory inducing part of the brain was increased by antioxidant flavanols. Consider giving your loved one an anniversary gift box of candy or chocolate.

Cardiovascular Disease

Risk of cardiovascular disease may be lowered due to the anti-inflammatory effects of the antioxidants in cocoa seeds which also improves blood flow. Dark chocolate was also found to slightly lower blood pressure. The research in this area was not completely valid and more evidence was needed.

Good Cholesterol

Good cholesterol may be risen by oleic acid, a monounsaturated fat found in the cocoa butter in chocolate. It consequently lowers bad cholesterol. This is true for those with heart disease risk factors.

Reduce Stress

Dark chocolate has high amounts of healthful antioxidants. Research shows that daily consumption of 1.4 ounces of dark chocolate for two weeks may lower the stress hormone cortisol. Besides this, endorphin and serotonin levels of the brain were increased resulting in improved mood by eating dark chocolate. Even babies had lower stress when pregnant women ate more chocolate while pregnant.

Chew Gum

There are more benefits to chewing gum than you would think according to some studies. The act of chewing gum is supposed to stimulate the brain by making self-control and attention more active. Pain and stress areas may become less stimulated. Your mood is known to be improved and serotonin levels rise.

Help Diabetics

Glabridin is a flavonoid in licorice. It helps improve memory and learning issues caused by Type 2 diabetes according to a 2011 animal study. Researcher Steve Atkins states,” Chocolate with a high cocoa content should be included in the diet of individuals with Type 2 diabetes as part of a sensible, balanced approach to diet and lifestyle.”

Being delicious doesn’t always mean it is bad for you. Healthy ingredients in chocolate include potassium, sodium, fluorine, and vitamins A, B1, C, D and E. Putting candy completely out of your diet may be bad for your health. Consume sweets in a moderation, and consult a doctor if necessary.