Make Sure Your Company Destroys Its Unorthodox Documents

When first imagining the destroying of documents, we may think of somebody feverishly shredding paper or smashing computer screens before the authorities arrive! This is a Hollywood image, of course.

Actually, there’s nothing suspicious about such destruction, and sometimes the things which need to be destroyed aren’t paper or electronic in nature. Anything which can give a competitor insight or access into your business can be considered sensitive. This may include a surprising range of objects.

Finding the Right Destroyer

There are businesses which take pride in things like their ability to handle specialized document destruction services or other unconventional services for destruction. Not every commercial destruction company handles unusual objects, so take care to ensure that the company is capable of completing the task. Perhaps you need to have something destroyed that isn’t on the website’s list—just contact the company themselves and they’ll be happy to clarify whether or not they can do it. It’s impossible for any list to contain every unorthodox item that can conceivably be destroyed, so just ask them.

Usually these companies do not require you to transport anything—they’ll come directly to you and securely transfer everything to their facility where it can be disposed of in a way that is safe, convenient, and even environmentally friendly.

All the Things to Be Destroyed

Opportunities for a security or data breach arise after a company and an employee have parted ways. During their employment they were trusted to possess things like access cards and ID cards—these need to be returned to the company, and if they can’t be reused or repurposed, they should be destroyed.

But there are other things that should be destroyed which, at first glance, may be even more surprising. A non-exhaustive list includes: any type of labeling or packaging; uniforms with logos; promotional items; dental moulds; pharmaceutical packaging; clothing or t-shirts. Try to really sit there with an open mind and imagine if there is some way, any way, that something given out by the company can lead to some kind of breach.

You might be wondering: how can a t-shirt cause a security breach? It might not be immediately obvious, and while it’s unlikely, it could be possible. Better to have it shredded up and in your hands than be uncertain.

It may also be hard to imagine how certain objects can lead to a security breach without knowing the ins and outs of that industry. But competition is fierce and rivals can be wily and unscrupulous when it comes to obtaining a competitive edge. Maybe it’s more a privacy than a security or data breach. If there is any doubt about whether or not something should be destroyed, then destroy it.

Do You Need Destruction Services?

Running a business means being pro-active about preventing any possible breach, and hiring a professional destruction service is an important part of accomplishing this goal. A business’s destruction needs changes depending on the industry, but considering this question is a part of each company’s due diligence.

Every company needs to securely get rid of paper and electronic documents, but don’t forget about all the other kinds of things which also need to be destroyed.