Make yourself Look Gorgeous with a Matching Set of Colourful Pearls for Any Occasion

Everyone loves pearls. They are beautiful and make a stylish statement on any dress you wear. When it comes to pearls, there are different colours and varieties that you can choose from.

Matching Different Colour Pearls with your Wardrobe

Searching for the right pearl accessory can be a daunting task. Pearl accessories tend to be a bit expensive, so you might want to do your homework before investing on one.

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Different Pearl Colours to Choose From

Some of the common pearl colours that you might come across include:

  • Black Pearls
  • White Pearls
  • Pink or Peach Pearls
  • Golden Pearls
  • Chocolate Pearls
  • Blue Pearls

Black pearls look elegant and entice people. Many of the black pearls that you see in the market are colour treated. Naturally black pearls are the Tahitian pearls from Sea of Cortez gems from Mexico, Guyamas, and French Polynesia.

White pearls are the most popular pearls amongst people. The colour white symbolizes purity and it is one of the reasons why these have been traditionally worn during wedding ceremonies. The most common white pearls are the White Akoya, White South Sea and White Freshwater pearls.

Pink or peach pearls are cultivated in the freshwater ponds of China. You can find them in overtones of gold, aquamarine, green and rose hues. Golden pearls are one of the rarest in the world. These are generally cultivated in the lagoons of Philippines and Australia.

Chocolate coloured pearls are coloured treated Tahitian pearls and can be found in overtones of green, bronze, rose and gold. Blue pearls are one of the rarest pearls and can be found in hues of sky blue or midnight blue overtones. These are available in Akoya, Blue-Silver White South Sea, Sea of Cortez or Tahitian pearl types.


Accessories are a crucial part of your style statement and can make or break your overall look. When it comes to choose pearls, ensure that you take into consideration the occasion and the outfit in mind.