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Memory Foam Mattress And Their Lifespan

Memory foam mattresses are one of the top selling mattresses in the mattress industry at the moment due to the amount of comfort and pain relief it offers. Its ability to evenly distribute pressure and weight over an area allows sleepers to find relief from the pain experienced at their pressure points. As the material used in the memory foam mattress is designed to contour to the shape of your body, it is resistive to movement. This is useful if you sleep with a partner who changes sleeping positions frequently throughout the night. New technology has also introduced a top cooling layer to the memory foam mattresses that helps regulate your body temperature and keeps you cool when you sleep.

Typically, a normal mattress lasts anywhere between five to seven years, whereas a memory foam mattress can have a longer lifespan up to ten years depending on how you care for it. Here are few tips to look after your memory foam mattress and extend its life:

Check The Foundation

In order to preserve the quality of your memory foam mattress for a long time, it is essential to have the right foundation.  A sturdy, flat and non-spring foundation works best for a memory foam mattress. It helps offer support to the mattress and also prevents premature sagging from occurring. Most of the online memory foam mattress reviews recommend using a flat foundation to get the most benefit from the mattress.

Rotate The Mattress

Unlike regular mattresses, you cannot flip a memory foam mattress as it has distinctive top and bottom layers. Hence, the next best thing is to rotate the mattress every three months. This will help extend the mattress life and prevent sagging as well.

Mattress Cover

Just like other mattresses, a memory foam mattress is also vulnerable to spills and accidents. Although high-quality memory foam mattresses are resistant to water, it is still a good idea to use a mattress cover if you have young kids at home. Remember to choose cotton covers to help with the air flow and prevent heat from getting trapped in the mattress.

Heating Pads

If you live in a colder part of the world, it is more than likely that you use a heating pad or heating blankets. Although they can be used on a memory foam mattress, it is a good idea to not leave it on for a long time as it may have an effect on the foam in the mattress.

Do Not Remove Tags

It is essential o never remove the tag on your memory foam mattress. Since most mattress companies like Wakefit offer extended warranties, the tag will come in useful if you have an issue with the mattress at a later date, even if you purchased memory foam mattress online.

Let It Breathe

It is a good idea to let your memory foam mattress breath once in a month. All you have to do is remove all the covers, beddings and layers and leave the windows open for air flow. This will help air out the mattress and keep it hygienic, thereby extending its life.

Once your memory foam mattress crosses the ten-year mark, it is wise to go hunting for a new mattress. Even if the foam mattress does not show considerable wear or tear, the bottom layers of the mattress would have started decompressing and will affect your health. Since high-end memory foam mattresses tend to last at least ten years, it is worth considering investing in them. You will be able to sleep in comfort for ten years before you have to think about getting another mattress.