ModernForest Logging Activities

In forestry logging is explained as cutting down of trees, processing and then loading on trucks. It involves moving timber from the forest to a saw mill. On the other hand, illegal logging is a term used in forestry to refer to wood theft. This is basically cutting, transporting, selling or buying of wood in violation of the stipulated law. This also includes the use of unacceptable means like corruption. 

Methods Involved in Tree Logging

Logging can be done in very many ways. Of course, here we are looking at the legal ways. But there are three major ways considered in the field. 

Tree-Length or Stem Only Harvesting

In this method, the tree is cut, then its branches are removed from the trunk and finally stumped. The log is then bucked, loaded onto a truck and transported from the landing site. In order to prevent wildfires, the cut area is treated as well as the nutrients the next tree will need. 

Whole Tree Logging Method 

A tree is cut and transported to the roadside. At this point, the limbs and top are still intact to the tree. The tree is then transported to a site where it will further be processed. However, adjustments have been made on this process. Trees are now being cut top and delimbed at the same time. This advancement was stirred by the felling where the top can also be used. 

This method of logging requires the slash to be treated at the site of the landing. This method is not so much encouraged as it can be a cause of environmental degradation in places where the activity is taking place. This mechanism removes the important nutrients and the soil cover from the site of activity. This method poses danger to the environment in a long-term period, especially if the area is neglected. 

Cut-To-Length Logging Method

This method involves the process of cutting and delimbing of the tree. The tree undergoes a further process of sorting and bucking on the stump area. The limbs and the tops are left back in the forest. This method is common for trees that measures 900mm in diameter. This form of cutting is technologically advanced compared to the other methods. It is a controlled harvesting system where the harvesters are computerized to maximize the cutting length. There is also the use of GPS and a price for each specific log. 

Transportation of Logs to Various Destinations. 

Transportation is very critical in logging. The already cut trees are transported to a sawmill. This is a process that is sometimes aided through various Industrial Product Support & Service companies. Because of the nature of wood, it has to be transported by use of heavy-duty machinery because of its heavy weight. This includes heavy trucks and cranes. 

Safety Measures to Consider When Logging. 

Logging can be a dangerous activity. Therefore, safety is paramount. It has proven to be among the most hazardous activities in industries. It is very important to make sure one adheres to all measures put in place especially at the site. There are many dangerous pieces of machinery that are used, and any careless mistake could prove costly.