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Moisture in the surroundings can be your enemy

The humidity in the community usually affects common zones like to the independent houses.

There are several types of humidity that can be present in the community and that affect differently depending on the location of the space.

Humidity in Garage

The existence of this type of humidity ends up producing the detachment of the paint and damages in the structure of the general building a strong smell of humidity and an unpleasant environment.

The fact that they are located below the ground level also causes the earth that surrounds them, during periods of intense rain, to be soaked with water and to penetrate through the materials towards their interior if the strength of the walls fails.

This type of humidity is called capillary moisture and is identified because they create stains on the lower part of the walls and walls as well as the detachment of the covering that covers them.

Treating humidity in these spaces is usually done from the inside as the outside access is complicated by the existence of land around them.

In addition, the fact of treating them from the inside averts additional works like the creation of ditches, resulting in more comfortable and faster treatment.

Humidity in Terraces and Facades

The terraces and facades are the elements most exposed to climatic factors, being the first barrier against external aggressions such as wind and rain. If the terraces or facades have construction defects or are damaged, they can filter the rainwater into the interior of the house.

They are also affected by sudden changes in temperature, which can lead to the separation of their elements or the creation of cracks and the lifting of the coating.

The intermittent and continuous rains and the materials transported by the wind also produce high wear also causing with the appearance of leaks, cracks and the appearance of humidity in the interior of the houses.

The consequences of this type of humidity cause mold on the surface of the walls and ceilings in addition to the detachment of the paint and the coating of the walls, although some mold restoration companies will take this headache off you.