Periodic Table For Direct Mail Marketing? Find More Here

Internet and digital means may have influenced the marketing graph, but direct mail marketing still remains an asset for brands that want to connect with customers directly. Of course, cost and effective application remain matters of concerns. Washington Direct Mail services recently had a detailed post on the periodic table for direct mail marketing, and it covered 67 elements that are extremely important. These elements are grouped into 8, and here’s an overview of each in brief.

  1. Mailing House Elements. This is more about the mailing agency that works on these campaign, and for brands, it is important to choose one that’s experienced, has expertise, follows eco-friendly measures, and is compliant to different regulations and norms.
  2. Data Elements. This is more about aspect like on data deduplication, customer profiling, and prospect matching. The use of data in form of marketing is quite understandable and direct mail is no different.
  3. Print Elements. Printing technologies and options like litho printing and programmatic printing make a big difference to the cost, which is why these aspects are in one group of this periodic table.
  4. Creative Decisions and Ideas Elements. Think of everything you have heard in direct mail so far – coupons, shaped mailers, binding/staple mails, personalized letters, one-piece mailers, nude booklets, polywrapping, peelable notes, and more.
  5. Cost Elements. Many things like weight, volume, bleeds and printing techniques can influence the cost of direct mail, and these group consists and considers all those aspects.
  6. Promotional Elements. The use promotional products in marketing is nothing new, and this group considers things like measurements, steps in assembly, choices and more elements like packaging, postage and other costs.
  7. Measurement Elements. Elements included in this group include weight checking, Mail matching, response handling, 100% mailout and integration with the digital elements, which eventually help in taking calls.
  8. Rare Elements. Use of things like scented cards, scratch cards, pop-up mailers, peel off stickers, and special colors can help in creating more dynamic and unique mail materials, and this group sorts the best choices.

If you want to use direct mail marketing in the most effective way for your brand, make sure that you have a team that understands and evaluates goals and budgets correctly. It is also a good idea to think beyond the obvious and offer direct mail products and materials that are relevant to the customers and gives them something to do with it.

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