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If you have been playing the game Pokemon for a long time then Pokemon Fire Red download may sound familiar to you. This new game is an upgraded version of the Pokemon Red game but it fixes a few problems of the original game. This game is similar to the other games. The objective in this new version is the same and the majority of the members remain the same with some added ones. You have to travel worldwide capturing Pokemon and use them to battle and thus, achieving the champion title. This new game is essentially similar to Pokemon Red. Several interesting features have been added in this game.

Some 200 new Pokemon have been created since the originals. A new area is developed; Sevii Islands. The seven islands add more gameplay after conquering the Pokemon league. Moreover, the League becomes stronger when you play more of this game. Apart from some new introduction, there have not been serious improvements graphically. Some similar features include breeding your Pokemon and double battles. You will find this game interesting whether you are a new player or a veteran player. The newcomers can play this game without digging out copies of the earlier version and the veterans can enjoy several new features.

Playing Pokemon on Android

PokemonFireRed can be easily played on the Android mobile devices. In the first step, you have to install on your phone the Game Boy emulator. Open Google Play Store and then search Game Boy emulator. Once you find it, you have to follow the steps and thereafter, download as well as install the app. In the next step, you have to download the data files of the game, called ROM files into your smartphone. You can download ROM from various sources though the favorites are CoolRom and LoveROMS. Do a research for ROMS and then download it.


PokemonFireRed received a good number of sales though lesser than Pokemon Ruby and Pokemon Sapphire. Within the initial four days of its release, more than a million copies got sold. In the financial year of this release, over 2 million units were sold. Till 2013, PokemonFireRed and PokemonLeafGreen have accounted for the sale of 12 million copies all over the world. The sales figure of PokemonFireRed download signifies the popularity of the original as well as the updated version of the game. Moreover, the addition of new features has contributed to the growth of sales.

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