Professional Lawyers in Grande Prairie

Being approached, arrested or detained over any criminal offence can be an extremely frightening and inconveniencing ordeal. However, even in such a case, you need to understand your rights and ensure that they are fully protected. However, for this to happen, you need a good lawyer by your side. And the greatest news is that there are law firms that are very well-known for offering exceptional legal services for different clients.

Professional Lawyers in Grande Prairie

If you need dependable legal services in Grande Prairie, you will definitely find renowned law firms that can offer you unmatched legal assistance with personalized attention. They have committed, knowledgeable, and dependable lawyers that will aggressively fight to effectively defend your case. In case you need a good Grande Prairie criminal lawyer who can provide the best legal advice or unparalleled representation in court, these firms can assist you. Their legal services cover:

1. Bail Hearings

The term bail hearing typically refers to the court process whereby a judge determines if the defendant can post bail or not. Here, the court will look into the possibility of that defendant reappearing at their criminal trial. If you do not want to imagine the possibility of being locked behind bars until your case is heard and determined, then you should consider getting a qualified lawyer to represent and defend your rights to being granted bail. And that is exactly what these firms can offer.

2. Domestic/Spousal Violence Charges

Spousal or domestic violence encompasses violent behavior causing physical, sexual or psychological harm between people that are in an intimate relationship. In most of these cases, the parties are often sharing children, economic or emotional attachments. Note that even mere accusations of domestic or spousal violence can have a very serious impact on the life of the accused. They carry with them great social stigma, and if convicted, the offender could spend months or even years in jail based on the nature of the offence. It could also cost you your employment, freedom to travel, business, social and family relationships, among other things. If you have been accused or charged with such a serious offence and need a qualified lawyer to defend you, these licensed law firms can help.

3. Impaired Driving Offences

Impaired driving basically refers to a criminal offence where a person is accused of having control or operating a vehicle while their ability has been impaired by either a drug or alcohol. Note that impaired driving offences may carry several sentences, particularly for repeat offenders. For instance, the offender may have their driving license suspended, be compelled to join rehabilitation programs or compensate the victim. In extreme cases, it might even attract a jail term for the offender. If you want an experienced Grande Prairie criminal lawyer who can fearlessly defend you in an impaired driving case, these firms can help.

These law firms also have lawyers that are experienced in handling cases involving narcotics offences, changing of no-contact orders, trespassing, damage to property, fraud, mischief, theft, sexual assault, driving that causes harm, commercial vehicle transport tickets, driving while suspended, gaming, as well as liquor offences, among others. If you are looking for a law firm with seasoned lawyers in Grande Prairie with a lot of experience in their respective areas of practice, these firms can help you.