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Protect Yourself With Sandblasting Suits

Whether you are planning on working in an industry that requires you to participate in sandblasting projects, or have a home project you need to tackle, you need to ensure you have a proper sandblasting suit to help protect from injuries.

Prevent Injury To Your Arms And Legs

One of the main parts of your body that you want to protect when sandblasting is your arms and legs. Without a sandblasting suit, you are at a high risk of receiving injuries. If you have quality sandblasting suits, you can tackle any of your projects with confidence knowing that you don’t have to worry about the safety of your extremities when particles of paint, rust, and other debris are airborne.

Protect Your Head

Protecting your head and your neck area is also very important when undertaking any sandblasting job. These specially designed suits are perfect for keeping projectiles from your project from collecting on, or injuring your head and neck area. You should also use your sandblast suit with the appropriate eyewear to form a tight barrier against flying debris and particles that are airborne.

Keep Irritants Off Of Your Skin

When you are sandblasting, there is a potential to create an environment that is full of irritants. When small particles of paint or other materials are airborne, they collect on your skin and cause serious irritation or an allergic reaction in some rare instances. Using a high-quality suit that is securely fitted to the body, will allow you to complete somewhat hazardous projects without having to worry about particles collection on sensitive skin. Make sure that you find a suit that is going to fit well without leaving exposed areas that can be subject to the irritants that become airborne during your project.

Anytime you plan to work with sandblasting equipment, you need to make sure you have a durable and well-fitted sandblasting suit. It not only protects you from tracking particles around with you, but also protects you from the harmful effects of irritants that may be present in paint and some coatings. If you plan on sandblasting old paint, you may also be exposed to lead-based paints. In these cases, you absolutely must have sandblasting suits and the proper respirators to prevent inhalation of lead particles. Shop carefully for your suit and make sure to make the proper measurements of your body before settling on a particular model. Careful shopping and looking for products that are going to last can help protect you while you work on your projects.