Recruitment for Global Virtual Teams: 5 Tactics That Work Today

Putting together the best team for your business can be tough.

Building a virtual team with members from different parts of the globe can even be harder and much more challenging. However, although hiring the right remote team members can really be difficult, it isn’t impossible. As long as you employ the right recruitment tactics, you can find and hire top talent that will fit well into your virtual team.

With the help of professionals in the business of providing global recruitment services, rounded up below are five tactics that are highly effective in hiring virtual team members from various countries:

  • Social Media Recruiting

You can start finding top talent who can join your virtual team by looking for them on the most popular social media sites. LinkedIn is the best platform to use since it is a networking site used by professionals looking to change or elevate their careers.

Signing up for a LinkedIn Premium account will allow you to search for people outside your network and send them direct messages about your job openings. In addition, you will be able to set a targeted search so that you will have an easier time filtering candidates even if they come from various continents.

Aside from LinkedIn, use other popular social networking sites as well. Thousands of people have already used or are starting to use Facebook to search for jobs and candidates. Facebook even has new features helpful for both job seekers and companies looking for applicants.

To amplify your reach, don’t forget to include Instagram, Twitter, and Google+ in your social media recruitment strategy.

  • Online Job Posting

Posting your job openings on LinkedIn, Facebook, and other social media sites will get the attention of both active and passive candidates from different parts of the world.  However, there are also other sites that allow you to post your vacancies, and all you have to do is wait for talent to get in touch with you.

Some of the best sites you should consider posting in are:

  • Upwork
  • Outsourcely
  • Freelancer
  • Hubstaff Talent
  • We Work Remotely

These sites already have a roster of qualified and tech-savvy freelancers and candidates looking for permanent positions from various countries.  In addition, they have streamlined application processes which make it easier for both employers and job seekers to connect.

  • Advertising on Virtual Recruiting Boards

Posting open remote work opportunities on online job boards is one of the most cost-efficient (and sometimes, even free) ways to let candidates know you are looking for virtual team members.

However, not all virtual recruiting boards are the same.

Some allow all companies to advertise their job openings without the benefit of a classification system or categories so that all openings can be seen by all members regardless of specialization. There are also message boards that are available for specific groups only such as virtual assistants, software developers, and graphic designers.

It is important that you choose which boards to use so that you attract only the most qualified, relevant candidates looking for a virtual job. This will greatly help in streamlining the screening process as well.

  • Referrals

If you already have some virtual employees, ask them to recommend their friends, former classmates or co-workers who have the right skills set, and may be interested in the position you have.

Although these friends or acquaintances may already be employed, it won’t hurt to ask them. They may be passively looking for a different job or want to elevate their careers as well.

By asking your workers to refer qualified candidates, you may find excellent employees who can become productive members of your team. They will also have an easier time blending in and working with the other employees since they already know someone on the team.

  • Outsourcing

Lastly, if you need additional virtual workers quickly, you can work with contractors. You can partner with a company in just one country or with different firms from across the globe.

Contractors already have a stable of skilled professionals who already know what to do. Even if you will be working with these workers only on short-term basis or on a

project-based arrangement, you will have the chance to evaluate their talent and work ethics.

You can then ask those workers who happen to catch your eye if they are interested in long-term employment with you. You can convert them into full-time, valuable team members who will then require little to no training at all.

Finding the right virtual workers coming from various countries that will fit your dream team requirements can be challenging.

But by using the right combination of tactics above and employing the best screening practices, you will soon find the right fit for your company.


David Mackenzie

A recruitment professional with over twenty years’ experience in the field and a record of entrepreneurial accomplishment, David is Managing Director and Head of HR at Mackenzie Jones.

In 2003, David set up Mackenzie Jones in the UK, growing the business across two offices in London and Birmingham. In 2005 David established Mackenzie Jones in Dubai to serve the Gulf region and neighbouring countries. As the Group MD, David is responsible for the overall direction of the Mackenzie Jones Group including Mackenzie Jones, MumsAtWork, MENA Solutions, Simply Digital and ThinkTech.