Revolution for cats works wonders to treat the common ailments of your pets

Revolution for cats offers you the best and the ideal protection against any tick, fleas, roundworms and hookworms or any other intestinal infection. The medicine works the same irrespective of the phase the infection. Whether it is the beginning of the lifecycle or the infection is in its mature phase, the active ingredient Selamectin in the medicine Revolution for cats works its pharmacological effects.

Revolution for cats is one of the best medicines to be administered on your pets

Be it a dog or a cat, Revolution can easily manage all types of infections without causing any serious health concerns. Its effectiveness against ticks and fleas is better than that against hookworms and roundworms but if administered along with Advantage Multi can effectively cure heartworm disease.

Revolution for cats provides with an all round protection against fleas and can treat them at any stage. It remains pharmacologically active for one month with its topical application. It is applied on the base of the neck after parting all the hair on your pet’s body.

Revolution for cats easily fits in your pet friendly budget

Unlike all the other medications Revolution for cats is available at an affordable price and doesn’t require a huge expenditure. It is easily available without any vet prescription in both offline stores and online pet websites.

The medication does not cause any side effects and if any encountered are not adverse or serious. Some pets might experience temporary hair loss and irritation on first application.


Revolution for cats makes your pet live a carefree life without any flea infections and mosquitoes infestations. It is highly reliable and easily available too. Before indulging your pet with its dosage check and consult it with your vet practitioner.