Should You Be Concerned About Happenings in Your Neighborhood?

Many different things can happen in your neighborhood.

With that being the case, you want to be sure you do your best to stay on top of what is taking place.

From those living in your area to strangers passing through, do you feel confident? That is do you have somewhat of an idea of what happens for most of the time?

If you answered no, some may say you are only sticking to your own business.

Meanwhile, others might note that you are not the most observant person in the world.

So, should you have concerns about happenings in your neighborhood?

What Should You Be Looking Out for?

In trying to stay abreast of what is going on in your neighborhood, remember these keys:

  1. Don’t be a busybody – As important as it is to know what is occurring, you do not want to be the busybody neighbor. With that in mind, try to be a little discreet when keeping an eye on things. If you fail to do this, some or many of the immediate neighbors may not have the highest opinion of you at the end of the day.
  2. Know your neighbors – While you do not have to be the best of buddies, at least have some knowledge of those close to you. Keeping this in mind, you want to get their names to start with. Having a little bit of background info on them does not hurt. Things such as where they work, what they drive and more is good enough.
  3. Be wary of strangers passing through that do not fit – Your neighbors are going to get visitors over time. That said you want to look for things that do not quite fit. An example of this would be a strange vehicle making repeated passes through the area. You might also see a vehicle parking nearby and yet it does not belong to anyone in the neighborhood. If one or both of these things happen, do a little investigative work. By doing a free license plate owner lookup online, you could get pertinent info on a vehicle and owner.
  4. Someone moving in with a record – If one moves into your area and has a criminal record, how much of a concern is this? The answer to that question of course depends on what kind of criminal background they have. If the crime or crimes were lower on the scale of severity, you are more than likely not going to worry too much. But, if they have a serious crime or two on their record, you do have some pause for concern. An example would be if they have a conviction on more than one occasion of driving under the influence (DUI). If your teen gets behind the wheel to begin driving, will you feel safe for them? That is knowing someone in your neighborhood might still have a license and several DUI’s? Always analyze the crime the new neighbor has committed before jumping to conclusions.

When there is reason for concern about your neighborhood, how will you handle things?