Spice Your Hanoi Stay with Some Local Delicacies

While in Hanoi for a couple of days, you can enjoy the imposing monuments honoring the rich and turbulent history of Vietnam. You can even spice your stay with delicious street food, local specialties and memorable Vietnamese coffee. The real way to get to know the local culture is eating the local cuisine.

Join food tour Hanoi if you are a foodie. A local guide will walk you through Hanoi’s Old Quarter market, where tourists can discover the exotic Vietnam flavors in a group of fellow travelers with same passion about food as you.

Food tour

Walking through Hanoi’s largest market, Dong Xuan you can breathe the aromatic aromas floating from stalls of street hawkers. They sell everything from seafood to exotic fruits. The guide will tell the accompanying tourist group stories about Hanoi’s food culture and special ingredients used.

After you sample the street snacks and fruits, the group moves towards Hanoi’s Old Quarter. You get to visit local the restaurant and watch chefs at work. Enjoy a popular local dish ‘banh cuon’made from pork crepes. When you move down the lanes displaying street stalls, houses and shops just stop at a barbeque stall to sample flame-grilled meat.

Wandering is the best way to explore this beautiful colonial marketplace. If you are new to street food then make sure that the soup is hot and fried foods are made freshly. You can join crowded restaurants or stalls because if locals like then the food is good.

You can even try fresh fruit served with condensed milk and crushed ice to tantalize your sweet tooth. The Old Quarter includes 16 streets, alleyways and multiple tiny lanes add countless nooks and corners to this place. You will find that the names of the street are according to the goods offered there.


At Dong Xuan Market, you will find everything or you can say more than expected. It spreads across four floors; you can get everything from colorful yields, exotic spices, raw meat and cooked delicacies to clothes, luggage, sunglasses, tourist trinkets, and even household goods. This is the best location to purchase souvenirs to carry back home.

Building is not so impressive and some may define the market to be unappealing or dirty but vising is an experience. Get there early to see the merchants setting their stands, negotiating prices or catching up over a cup of fresh coffee. The bustling and colorful atmosphere is dynamic in Dong Xuang Market.