Technology That Would Shape The Future Classroom

Technology plays an important role in our everyday life. The advancement of technology has brought in major changes on which the world today relies. One such advancement is in the education sector. Education is important for every individual at it help us to get name and fame. The learning method has gradually shifted from the traditional means of learning through textbooks to the learning from the technology. Devices like Mobile phones, tablets, laptop, computers, etc. are in trend now. Even these technologies are used in the classroom to help the teachers teach students in an engaging way.

Here are some of the technology that would shape the classroom of the future-

(i) Augmented reality- AR is a direct or an indirect live view of the real-world or physical environment whose elements are “augmented” by the computer-generated perceptual information. This is actually a technology that forms the replica of the digital information overlaid on to the real world. Students can interact through their digital device. Various topics in maths and science such as Trigonometry, Triangles, Electricity, Magnetism, etc. can be easily understood along with their real-life application.

(ii) Cloud Learning- This technology helps in a group work. When a group of systems is connected through the same source of internet, it is termed to be the cloud. It helps in load distribution amongst multiple users. This helps in coordination amongst the member, group work, and improved working capabilities, as more than one mind works for the solution. These concepts used in education helps in better accessibility to study, through the online means, which is accepted by the majority of students.

(iii) Mobile learning- Mobile phones are in possession with almost everyone in the world today. One can easily study during the time of travel. Mobile phones are used in the classroom, as it helps students to learn various concepts. One can easily use internet source to get the solution for their problem. This helps them to learn in a better way. Students can easily learn various concepts through the visual means by the use of mobile learning.

(iv) 3D printing- 3-Dimensional printing is nowadays one of the most widely used manufacturing processes for designing and modeling. It is crucial for the students, especially engineers to have a good knowledge of the latest method of manufacturing, which helps in designing, modeling prototype. It is possible to design the prototype and model with the least accuracy with better design and stability.

These technologies are not only limited to the classroom but are used by everyone to have an improved way of learning. With the help of visualization in learning, one can easily help students learn in an engaging and interesting way. Students can visit our site BYJU’S to learn the concepts in an engaging manner. One can also find the NCERT solutions class 9, to have a better understanding of the subject. To learn through the visual means subscribe to our BYJU’S YouTube channel.