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The Art Of Cleaning Rugs &Carpets Without Damaging Them

We all dream to have the wonderfully designed, fascinating colored rugs & carpets to decorate our floors and not only to reflect a sense of beauty to our guests but also to be happy of having something exclusive to adorn the floor. But many of us refrain from laying out the beautiful rugs & carpets to change the décor of or interior fearing that they would be spoilt and dirty as not knowing how to clean them.

Rugs need special care to maintain properly, and regular care is indeed required to avoid wear & tear as well as various infections of the members of the house. If we follow some cleaning tips, we can manage to maintain them without any tension.

Maintaining TheRugs

Woven and braided rugs are most famous for being the fashion of the day.  Due to braiding, it is little challenging to clean them. A vacuum cleaner should be used to suck up the entire dust and mites to the maximum extent. You can also put them under the sun to dry the dampness.

  • Woven and braided rugs can be cleaned with a light carpet cleaning foam in modern washing machines that most of us have in the home. Read the instructions carefully before washing. Some need to be cleaned with cold water with less detergent after encasing them in a laundry bag or a pillowcase and not directly exposing them to the machine.
  • Removing stains of are one of the significant challenges. You can use some baking soda on the stained area and using a toothbrush,embeds them. Pour diluted vinegar on it and wait for few seconds to foam.Gently rub the area then to fade the stains. Wipe the stains with some damp cloth and use only when dry.
  • Handmade and old traditional rugs are just vacuumed & considering their intrinsic value and take a little more effort to maintain them. You should get them professionally cleaned rather than trying yourself.

Follow the steps and layout the red carpet for your guests.