The Best Portable Vaporizer Technology

With how fast advancements in vaporizer technology are being popularized in portable devices, it can be tough to keep track with what some companies offer their customers. The best portable vaporizer technologies money can buy are offered in a wide range of vapes at a wide range of prices, but of course in varying degrees of success and efficiency. This article will clarify to you what exactly to really look for if you want to enjoy some of the most modern features offered in these revolutionary devices for cannabis use. It used to be that portable vapes could hardly properly vaporize dry herb and you really had to stick to concentrates, but now these tiny machines have the power to really roast up your botanicals and get the most of them.

    Conduction was the main heating method in older models as it is a lot easier to implement in a small, handheld device but engineering wizards have somehow managed to design efficient and reliable systems for convection heating. The difference is simple: conduction merely means that your herb is being heated up by direct contact with a some sort of heated element, whether it be titanium or ceramic. Convection means that heated air travels past the herb and heats it from all around instead of from one direct source. Naturally, convection has become more and more popular due to the better efficiency and the increased surface area of flower that can be heated. Still, some models have improved upon traditional conduction heating techniques and some pros and cons can be counter for either one.

    Another feature that contributes to the best portable vaporizer experience is the ability to control the temperature you vape at down to a single degree. This is irrelevant for casual vapers that just want a healthy alternative to get high, but can be crucial for someone that vapes for medical purposes. Different terpenes and cannabinoids have different vaporizing points so the freedom to set your temperature at different points in your session can make all the difference for the relief of certain symptoms in different people.