The Science Behind every Pyrex Glass Tube in your Lab

Every lab needs durable and useful lab equipment. Without safe lab equipment, life in a science lab becomes difficult or rather impossible. Every glass tube in the science lab plays an integral role in experiments. This is why many people rely on https://glasstubes.eu for their glass tube needs. Glass tubes from reputed brands can minimize safety hazards, and the chances of breakage. In the long run, you will have glass tubes that last for a very long time.

When you invest on glass tubes, there are few things you must keep in mind. One, buy from reputed sellers. Two, choose glass tubes from premium brands. With this being said, here are few reasons to have Pyrex glass tubes in your laboratory.

Pyrex glass tubes are of high quality

Pyrex glass tubes received its official trademark between the years 1915 and 1921. This was a contract created and signed by Corning in United Kingdom. Corning’s license was all about manufacturing Pyrex glassware products. The production of Pyrex products commenced in the year 1923. And, this has continued till date. This makes Pyrex glassware one of the oldest and most reliable lab equipment. Even after a century, Pyrex glass tubes lead the way. This can be attributed to three major reasons:

  1. Pyrex glass tubes offer high thermal and chemical resistance. You can work across a wide range of temperatures.
  2. The glassware products meet high international standards. They abide to all ISOs.
  3. Pyrex glass tubes come from many leading brands. These brands are recognized for premium standards.

Pyrex glass tubes have Proven Lab Benefits

There are four major design elements in Pyrex glass tubes. These design elements make the glass tubes easy to use and ideal for science experiments. Here is a quick walk through these design elements:

  1. The spout of Pyrex glass tubes ensure precision in pouring. It reduces the chances of spillage. This makes the Pyrex glass tubes safe to work with.
  2. The glass tubes are made of high wall thickness. This is how it overcomes thermal shock. Moreover, wall thickness increases the service life of the glass tubes.
  3. The Pyrex glass tubes have a firm, solid base. This reduces the risks of hot spots. As a result, wastage and thermal shock gets overcome. This offers the Pyrex glass tube more contact surface and enhanced stability.
  4. The Pyrex glass tubes have a stable rim profile. This gives the test tube high mechanical strength. The glass tubes are carefully designed to be robust and to reduce the chances of chipping.

How are Pyrex glass tubes manufactured?

Pyrex glass tubes are manufactured with utmost precision. The manufacturing processes are fine tuned to ensure consistency and high quality. The final product will be apt for all your lab procedures. Glass tubes are designed to shrink outside than inside at a faster rate. This is how the tension on the product inside is maintained. When tension releases, the tube breaks. Thermal and mechanical stress are handled promptly by Pyrex glass tubes.