The technology behind vaping – How vaping helps as a smoke cessation tool

When you take out your vaporizer from its box, do you ever wonder where from this amazing device came into existence? You may know the store from where you bought the device, you may know about its specifications but do you ever wondering about the origin of the idea of vaping? Vaping and vaporizers are new but now they’ve been here in the market for many years now. With the present gaining momentum of vaporizers and vape pens, it seems as if they’ve been here in the market forever.

This is the ambiguous state of electronic cigarettes and they neither belong to the past nor do they belong to the future. Companies like V2 Cigs are offering vape pens which work on the best and the latest technology. Read on to know more on the tech behind vaping.

It’s time to start off with the basics

Before you move into the history of vaping tech, you firstly require knowing about vaporizers. What are the components which make a vaporizer? Here are some of them.

  • A battery that’s rechargeable: Depending on the device, it may either contain an internal battery, an in-built battery or one that has to be charged via a USB port. The device can also contain removable batteries like 20700 or 21700 varieties.
  • Tank, cartridge and cartomizer: There are several names that are given to the container which keeps your e-juice. It depends on what you’re vaping and this will decide the cartridge that you use. If you consider Juul, they use pre-filled cartridges and on the other hand, sub-ohm tanks can be refilled and they usually come in different capacities.
  • Coil or atomizer: There has to be a specific type of heating element which is found in most e-cigarettes and vaporizers. The advanced and practiced vapers design their personal coils by using different parts and materials as per their convenience.

There is always some kind of variety between the 3 elements as all of them are available in the vaping devices. Atomizers and tanks have their own divisions which are all based on the experience and level of skill of the user and also on his vaping style.

Hence, we can clearly see how the vaping industry has leveraged technology in order to bring a halt to the smoking industry. Despite knowing the harm caused by smoking, there are few people who are determined enough to leave smoking. If you too want to stop the habit of smoking, you should take to vaping.