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Things you should know before Buying Artificial Lawn for Garden

As one wise man said, buying cheap is buying twice. Although today the competition has matched prices a lot, we can buy quality artificial grass at very affordable prices. You just have to know how to distinguish it from poor quality grass, manufactured under minimums to get the sale and forget it.

The important thing is that when you have your lawn installed and the days go by, do not regret having bought one model or another. You should always compare the following:

We start with the basic sensations, which are the easiest to identify and those that will convince us emotionally. Then we will talk about technology.

Natural Appearance

The main objective of the choice of installing artificial turf in an area is to get a pleasant and natural feeling. The view is the first sense that will remind us every day the good or bad choice we made.

Choose a lawn that looks natural. If you see a sample in the store and it looks like plastic or bright green, remember that is what you see in your garden or terrace. Good artificial turf is not distinguished by the naked eye from a natural one.

Remember that natural grass is:

  • Natural green color with leaves in various shades
  • Does not shine
  • The fibers are evenly distributed but not perfectly aligned

Pleasant Touch

Touch is the second most important sense that transmits feelings on a grass surface. Touch it with your hand and press vertically; it should not click, it should be soft and fluffy. Another thing that usually happens in some lawn models is that they make noise when walking on it, this should not happen.

Check that:

  • It is soft to the touch (test by passing the wrist)
  • Retrieves its vertical position after crushing it
  • No noise when stepping (typical of polypropylene fibers)

Odor (without odor)

Of little use to have a fluffy artificial turf impeccable if the smell of plastic spoils the best sensations. Quality artificial turf does not smell like anything, even on hot summer days. It is worth making sure of this point because it will always be with us. The filling of rubber granules should never be used in a garden because it can generate odors, this filling is used only for sports surfaces to cushion the most violent falls, even after cleaning synthetic turf.