Types of perfume for this Christmas

Fragrances and perfumes are known to have a connection to an individual’s identity and moods. No wonder people experiment with various scents and love to settle for something that feels more like them. Christmas is the perfect time to try out new fragrances. Last year we had a whole new range that rocked the winter season. This year again with winter on its way we have already got a new range of scents from Byre do, Jo Malone, Atelier Cologne and many more. Each of these has a distinct fragrance which makes them as covetable as the perfumes of the last season. The whiffs of jasmine are still in the breeze, serving as a reminder that winter will pass soon. But when the merged with the more intense suede accord and black vanilla, oakmoss, pomegranate and cocoa, they turn perfect for the chilly winter days. Let’s look at a few of the perfumes that are slated to be in vogue this Christmas. Hope this helps you to decide which one would be the most suitable for you for this season.


If you are an obsessed with perfumes from Glossier, the brand has not let you down this time. They have launched one of their best fragrances “YOU”. If you like your individuality and do not like smelling like anyone else, YOU is the perfect one for you. It has the familiar human-y smell that makes your body smell like you. This scent leaves you smelling creamy, sparkling, clean and warm, just like you.


If you are a connoisseur of limited edition versions of various scents, then this perfume is definitely for you. A Christmas special from Jo Malone, the fragrance has its Christmas frills on and has already become a cult favourite.


For all of you who love the fruity floral versions of fragrances, the Burberry Blush is a must-have. The delicate rose petal scent of the perfume has been synced with the yummy aroma of crisp apples. And this is not all, to add to the magic a floral base of jasmine and wisteria complete the package for an unforgettable feminine touch, making the Burberry Blush a fragrance that every woman’s must-have.


A Perfume designed for the self-confident woman, the name is inspired by the power of the number 100 as per numerology and is the latest offering from Trish McEvoy. This overpowering fragrance brings alive your confidence to trust your instincts and follow your dreams. A real gift to the woman of today, you can avail and get it at the best offer prices.


The fragrance is one designed to hit the senses hard. Shrouded in the mysterious and sensual fragrances of the cashmere wood, this scent is the perfect to bring the little sexy moments back and fill your life once again with bold addictive experiences.


If you are looking for that perfect winter fragrance, your search ends here. This perfume has the unique redcurrant and hazelnut scents combined with the whiffs of the forest. This one surely is a must have to ring in this Christmas.


Here is one elegant scent that celebrates a woman. A perfect blend of tuberose, ginger and sandalwood, this perfume can be perfect for the day as well as for night time use. The heavenly scent of sandalwood adds an aesthetic appeal to it.


The perfume earns its place on your list especially if you like masculine scents. Its deep and sexy tones and subtle layers smoky fragrances go well with both the sexes, giving it a unique charm


For all the ardent fans for the original Valentina Blush fragrance, this one is another gift from the maker. This version is sweeter and stronger. You will love this version also just as much.


This scent is all about memories and nostalgia. The whole perfume centres around the various smells in and around Amsterdam flower market. Entirely different this perfume is a must have for the Christmas festive season.


If you love the smell of roses, you will not be able to turn away from this perfume. The heavenly fragrances for thousands of roses fill the air, and this one is going to relax your senses too.


If you prefer mysterious scents, this one is for you. With notes of aqua flora and heliotropes and subtle tones of violets, this perfume has a lot of depth and warmth and has a mystic feel to it.

Now that you have all the information, take your pick and choose the one that is more like you. A suggestion for this winter is trying experimenting something new. You could also pick one of this as a Christmas gift for your loved one. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!