Using Physical Marketing Materials  Effectively in a Digital World

The digital age is in, but who says physical marketing materials are out? How many of us actually recall an email or digital ad we have seen. But all of us can remember the flyer inserted in our newspaper that we received today. Yes, physical marketing materials to hold their ground even in this digital world.

Why physical marketing materials are still effective in the digital world?
1. Physical marketing materials offer a tactile sensation and evoke a tangible and instant response from the user.
2. They have a higher response or open rate when compared to digital marketing materials like emails. For instance, targeted direct mailers have a response rate of 4.4% while email can only boast of 0.12%.
3. Physical marketing materials form a part of every marketing strategy and cannot be done away with as they are essential for sales promotion.
4. Nearly 10 billion business cards are still printed in the U.S. every year in spite of the height of technological innovations prevailing there.
All the above factors just go on to prove that physical marketing materials have their own space in this digital world and must be used effectively to achieve total success.

How to use physical marketing materials in the digital world?
Innovation is the key to using physical marketing materials in the digital world. Here are some ways to do this.

Flyers and leaflets
Direct visual impact is the main advantage you get while using flyers and leaflets for marketing. The ads we see on digital media are nothing when compared to this vibrant leaflet which we can touch and feel. This tactile effect and visual impact are the main reasons for the success of flyers and leaflets in this digital world.
To get sure success from these physical marketing materials, make sure that you design them creatively and use them innovatively. Get your leaflets or flyers printed with tear-off discount coupons or vouchers to make sure they don’t end in the trash. Going a step further, you can even print a QR code on your flyer to use it to unlock or download information from your website.
Flyers and leaflets are never out of fashion. All you have to do is add innovation to integrate them into the digital world.

Coupons and vouchers
Sales promotion still rules in the digital world in the form of coupons and vouchers. Even though coupon codes are posted on digital media, people still love to get a discount coupon by hand. The charm of the discount coupon or voucher is in its physical form as it offers the customer added value, making them feel special. This special attention cannot be offered by coupon codes which can be downloaded or copy-pasted by one and all. So use these physical marketing materials like coupons and vouchers by getting them printed attractively by your print provider.
Better still, print QR codes exclusively on these physical print coupons or vouchers which customers must have to scan and Vail the discounts digitally. This is an excellent way of integrating these physical marketing materials with digital media.

Id cards and lanyards
Do you know that employee id cards and lanyards too make excellent marketing materials? As they carry your company logo, they offer a brand visibility that id hard to match. Print employee and guest id cards and lanyards professionally and brand them with your company logo. Incorporate an individual code for each card that can be read magnetically for identification.

Digital media has great interactive features but nothing can replace the “touch and feel” effect of physical marketing materials. Think of such innovative ways to integrate physical marketing materials into the digital world to use them creatively.