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Western living room decorating ideas

Are you building a new house or contemplating on how to remodel your living room? There are bountiful western decor options you can explore to bring that timeless authenticity look you’ve been looking for. These western decor options such as faux painted walls that look like stone or wood, dapper looking logs, statues of free-spirited horses themes will turn your living room rustic and very appealing to the eye. Here are a few decoration theme ideas that just need some added creativity to bring out a classic western look in your house.

Classic western decoration

This theme can be achieved by having large windows that are framed with curtains, a small coffee table between some comfy couches and chairs and a luxurious rug.

Western-style cushions and rugs

By just adding a few pillows and carpets with a cowboy look, your living room will achieve a western look.  The opulent leather couches can get an authentic look by adding a bunch of small bovine cushions and a large rug with a comfy look.

Western-style murals

A living room with decorations of same free-spirited cowboy horses will stand out. They incorporate a genuine and distinctive western flavor to any place they are used.

Tuscan inspired decoration

Some Tuscan decorations in a room with comfy leather couches and a traditional fireplace that’s attached to a stone wall gives a space a western look. You can also add a wooden coffee table.

Luxurious western decoration

Put some dark colored furniture in a white background to achieve a contrast. You can add an aesthetic look by placing a coffee table on a lavish carpet.

Rustic western decoration

Combine natural stones and some dark colors on your walls for a classic and authentic look. You can also add some western furniture placed on a stone floor to add to the rooms appeal. A quaint touch of incorporating an indoor plant and a fireplace will make it even more appealing.

Modern western decoration

This theme merges both contemporary and traditional western décor. You can achieve it by mounting some animal heads on your walls and placing an animal print rug on a customized wooden floor.

Delightful country style western decoration

With customized wooden walls and floors the living room will genuinely look western. A charming touch can be added by mounting a painting on the walls.

Whether you are planning a complete overhaul or just a small change to your living room, the ideas mentioned above are quite easy to do on your own. Write down your wishes and make a budget to help you stay in your financial capability range and with that, you can choose the theme that suits you.