What are some best practices that can be adopted when dealing with interns?

Some of the best practices which can be followed by organizations who have HR interns working with them are:

Real work assignments

The Australian Premium Graduate Placements HR internships should provide the interns with work assignments which are real work. The assignments need not be work which is critical or could potentially make or break the organization. However, it should be work which is significant and which will challenge the students. That will help get the best ideas from them since they are learning about new techniques and technologies. This the organization can put to use.

Training and orientation

Training and orientation need to happen so that everyone knows what the role expected of them is and what are the other expectations that the organization has. They need to be informed of what the responsibilities would be, and it is extremely helpful if the organization gives to the intern a handbook which has the rules and regulations as well as frequently asked questions with answers. They could otherwise be given access to a website to refer to these points.

Relocation and housing

Some employers may even provide relocation assistance or housing assistance for the interns.

Scholarship programs

Some organizations may pair up with a scholarship program for the interns and that way they are to be able to attract talent better especially niche talent.

Flexible work

Flexible hours or work arrangements which allow the interns to work either remotely or during the time when they are not in school helps the interns to be more engaged and more focused during the time they are working. Some companies even allow the interns to take a break from working when they are attending school and work only during the holidays or when they are on vacation breaks.