What Are the Best Storage Options When Moving Away?

When moving abroad, sometimes it can be easier if you can store stuff away for later access. Once you’ve got everything settled with your moving company, it’s time to sort the stuff getting left behind. Here are your main options when it comes to pre-move storage.

Self-Storage Facilities

Quality self-storage facilities are always going to be king when it comes to putting away your possessions in preparation for a move abroad. If you don’t want to, or can’t afford to, take certain possessions with you, but you can’t stand to part with them, self-storage is the best way.

However, the problem is that it can be expensive, and expense is very much the last thing you want when moving abroad. Doing a big overseas move can be very expensive by itself, so do you really want to be overstretching yourself by committing to a regular expense for self-storage?

The things to bear in mind when choosing the right self-storage unit are security, ease of access, and quality of storage. You want the units to be individually alarmed, with CCTV and security lighting, as well as on-site staff. In terms of ease of access, you want to be able to get your vehicle right up to your unit, to make storage easier.

As far as quality of storage goes, you need to make sure that all the units are temperature and moisture controlled and monitored, and are completely safe and secure. Once all that’s good, then you need to be clever in the way you fill your unit. Don’t stack heavy things on fragile things, silly!

Friends and Relatives

If you’ve got willing friends and relatives, getting them to put your stuff in the cellar or attic is the next best thing. You can get them to look after it, and make sure it’s not getting damaged or mouldy, and chances are, it won’t cost you anything.

You need to have some pretty willing friends or family for this option, and beyond that, they need to have a solid amount of suitable space. There’s no point storing something you value somewhere it’s going to get water-damaged or broken.

Get Rid

This is always going to be the hardest option, but also the most logical. Zero imposition on friends or relatives, and none of the expensive recurring costs of self-storage. If you can bring yourself to bin, give to charity or sell the possessions you can’t take with you, then you’ll make things much easier and cheaper on yourself.

Plus, they say it’s good for you, clearing away and getting rid of things. It’ll help prepare you for your new start abroad. You don’t want to be thinking about all that old stuff anyway, you want to be looking forward to your adventure.