What Are the Latest Trends Ruling the Online Tutoring Industry?

Online tutoring industry is growing at a tremendous pace. With skills and project-based learning from almost all online courses, a lot of students are now turning to online tutoring instead of offline classroom-based learning. The main reason why the online tutoring industry is growing at an exponential pace is due to the advancement in technology and ease of access. Here are some of the latest trends ruling the online tutoring industry:

  • Mobile-Based Learning:

Each and every one of us owns a smartphone now. This is why mobile is the best platform to earn money tutoring students online. Almost all famous online tutoring websites have their counterpart mobile applications. Mobile applications are used more than websites and most students prefer e-learning via mobile.

  • Learning with Games:

In recent years, we have seen a lot of gamification implemented in online courses. Quiz-based games and competitive games based on education have seen a rise in online tutoring. Such games improve the learning quality as well as are really helpful in developing a culture centered on learning for the students. Tutors online use these games to make their courses interactive and interesting.

  • Cloud based learning:

Almost all learning websites are now hosted on cloud. Cloud offers faster access and a lot of performance upgrades, which is why most websites are now getting hosted on the cloud. This includes the online tutoring websites as well. Some technical courses even offer cloud-based virtual machines to practice on environment exactly like the tutor. All these features provide a real boost to the online tutoring industry.

Online tutoring industry implements all the latest technological advancements as soon as new and innovative technologies are launched in the market. This is why the industry is growing at a tremendous pace. The latest trends in IT and other technologies are the latest trends in online tutoring as well.