What Health Benefits You Can Get by Acupuncture?

Acupuncture stems from traditional Chinese Medicine practices and is a holistic health technique. In this method of treatment, some specific points of the body are stimulated by inserting very thin needles in the skin by trained practitioners.

Today, acupuncture is practiced even throughout the west. Traditional Chinese Medicine is practiced from more than 2,500 years back in ancient China.

What are the conditions acupuncture can treat?

Following are the conditions that acupuncture can treat:

  • muscle pain and spasm
  • chronic back pain and problem
  • Headaches, even acupuncture can treat intensity and frequency of migraine headaches.
  • osteoarthritis
  • knee pain
  • neck pain
  • mood and depression
  • digestive problems
  • allergies

Benefits using Acupuncture:


  • Reduces Migraines and Headaches

Center for Complementary Medicine, the University of Munich in 2009 did 11 studies and those studies involved 2,137 acupuncture patients. The concluded that acupuncture could cure patients who have frequent chronic tension-type headaches.

  • Reduces Chronic Pain

For chronic back pain, acupuncture has proven itself as more effective. A study is done at University of Medical Center of Berlin on patients with chronic lower back pain in 2006. It was seen that patients receiving acupuncture for more than eight weeks were showing significant improvement in their back pain, compared to the ones who didn’t receive it.

  • Treat Insomnia

In 2009, University of Chinese Medicine did a large meta-analysis that showed that acupuncture was beneficial to people who had insomnia compared to people who didn’t use acupuncture. Also, it was seen that people who were undergoing treatment with other medications as well as herbal treatment, if acupuncture is added in their treatment, they get better effects.

Also, acupuncture helps you to deal with the side effects associated with chemotherapy. It prevents cognitive decline. It also helps pregnant women to deal with her labor pain. Acupuncture has many more benefits.

If you have tried everything and you still aren’t getting cured, you can try acupuncture bethsada for better results.

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