What To Consider If You Are Planning To Use A Synthetic Urine Kit To Pass A Drug Test

If you are required to take a drug test for a new job but you recently used drugs, it can be very stressful. If you fail the test, you could end up missing out on a great job opportunity. If you have to take a drug test for a legal matter and you fail, you could end up in jail. There are a few ways that you could pass the test. One way is to order a synthetic urine kit online. This is a great way to pass a urine test, however, this method would only be effective under certain conditions.

If the Urine Collection Is Unsupervised

If you are taking a urine test and you are going to be supervised by the administrator, you won’t be able to use synthetic urine. If you are caught by the administrator, you would instantly fail. In most cases, you wouldn’t be given the opportunity to take the test. The fact that you would be cheating would automatically cause you to fail. 

If You Purchased a Sub-Par Synthetic Urine

There are plenty of types of synthetic urine on the market today. Some of these products cost less than others. These are the products that are considered to be sub-par. There are plenty of drug testing facilities today that have tests to detect if the urine is synthetic or not. If you buy a low-quality brand, it will likely be detected on the test. A high-quality synthetic urine can be more difficult to spot. If you are planning to try to cheat on your drug test using synthetic urine, it is important to use a high-quality product.

The Synthetic Urine Needs To Be Warm

There are a few things that the test administrator will look for when you hand them your cup after you take the test. First, they will check the color of the urine. This would let the administrator know if you drank too much water in hopes of diluting your urine. They will also check the temperature. Normal urine would be the same temperature as your body temperature. If the urine is cold, the administrator will become suspicious. If you are going to use synthetic urine, you should keep it close to your body so that it remains warm. Taping it to your leg is a good option, however, you need to be quiet when removing the tape of the administrator will hear you and become suspicious.

If you are required to take a drug test and you know that you will fail, there are a few things that you can do to try to pass the test. As long as you are careful and if the circumstances are right, synthetic urine is the best option.