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Where Should You Move After University?

Read about your different options for where to live following university, helping you decide which will work best for you.

When you leave university there are so many things to think about. You have to digest the last few years of education, think about your future career and how to get it. You have to figure out what life is without daily education and quickly find a way to start earning money now there’s no grants or student loans to rely on. It is an uncertain time and a lot of questions factor in to even the most basic decisions such as where you are going to live when you leave university. Here is an overview of some of your options and how they might work for you at this important time:

Moving Home

Moving home is a common option for those leaving university. It can be really hard to come to terms with because you are so far away from this amazing new life you cultivated for yourself in a different location. It won’t feel so bad for long though because getting your clothes washed for you, your meals cooked, seeing your friends from home and nestling back into the local area certainly does have its appeals. You might even be able to get free rent or at least, get away with paying a very low amount. It might be a good long term option if you’re saving for your own home or wanting a break from university life, or a good short term option if you want to figure out your next step.

Staying Where You Went To University

Lots of people choose to stay where they went to university, usually if they have managed to place themselves at an apprenticeship or good job in that location. It usually works really well if friends from university are also staying and want to group together for accommodation with you. It makes relocating your things from your university accommodation really easy too, and if you need to downsize your digs, you won’t be far from cheap self storage.

Moving To A Big City

Sometimes graduates want to move to a big city such as London, Manchester or Birmingham. This is to help be nearer to more opportunities for both a career and a social life. It can be very exciting moving to a big city. It certainly makes sense to place your items in cheap self storage because you will be paying a lot for a small amount of space and you will want to make the most of every square foot you rent. As this chart showing self storage prices testifies, London storage is now surprisingly cheap.

Where you move will largely relate to what you want to do for the next year following university. Try to think ahead of time and make a plan for the next 12 months that enables you to move forward in your life, whether that means starting your career, getting more education, having a rest or getting some life experience.