Why is Overwatch Betting So Popular?

Overwatch was launched in May 2016 by Blizzard Entertainment. It is, therefore, amazing to see that bets on Overwatch have become so popular over a short period of time. The popularity has been seen in both playing the game and betting on it. Most people are still wondering how a new game can get this popular and actually surpass the success of older games that are perceived to be more popular.

Overwatch Background

Overwatch is a 1st-person shooting game with that offers the players a selection of around 30 different heroes. These heroes are distributed between attack, support and tank categories. Each character comes with unique abilities, mechanics, and identity.

Overwatch is Blizzard’s fourth major game. The release of this particular game came immediately after the cancellation of Titan. Some of the developers who worked on the ambitious Titan project helped in the development of Overwatch. The game was developed based on other popular games such as the successful Team Fortress 2. Overwatch also further combines the multiplayer online battle arenas elements of Dota 2 and LoL. It seems like the playing part was so exciting that it attracted the betting element. There are millions of people playing the game and there are millions who are enjoying placing bets on Overwatch.

Overwatch Betting

Bets on Overwatch are similar to most of the other games available for betting. You can, therefore, bet on the match outcome, handicaps or the winners of specific tournaments. Currently, there are more than 20 maps where the matches can be played. These maps come with different properties and require different play styles to win. Some maps have an advantage for the defending team and some have benefits for the attacking team. Knowing some of these important details will play a crucial part in placing winning bets.

Why Is Betting onOverwatch Popular?

Huge Following

The popularity of Overwatch betting was driven by the popularity of the game itself. This is a common scenario of how betting on eSports games usually occurs.Overwatch is easy to learn, which is a huge benefit for new players. Interested players can learn the basics fast and become pros in a short period. The big following is the main reason why betting on Overwatch has become popular. Apart from the ease of playing, the game comes with awesome characters. Blizzard did a great job in the development and the profound lore makes the game much more interesting.

Interesting Markets

Betting becomes interesting if there is a big range of betting markets. For Overwatch betting, people can place their bets on a wide variety of markets including:

– Totals
– Map scores
– Over and under betting
– Handicaps
– Frag betting

Available on Major Sportsbooks

When a betting opportunity is available on major sportsbooks, it is easy to gain attention. There are many top sportsbooks that bettors can use to place bets on Overwatch in the eSports betting category. This is part of the reason why the betting element or Overwatch has become so popular.

In Conclusion

Combine a great game, amazing characters with multiple betting markets and you will get a popular eSports betting product. Looking at the actual game and the betting features, it is not difficult to see why Overwatch betting has become popular over such a short period of time.