YouTube Errors and How to Solve Them

YouTube acts as a great learning and entertaining place, but unfortunately sometimes you also have to deal with the errors which do not let you watch what you wanted to watch. This becomes very frustrating sometimes. One thing you can do is download the video or audio you wanted to watch to your Mac with the help of Airy. Airy is the best YouTube download app for Mac and you can download your first two videos for free. This is definitely an easy way to fix YouTube errors. If you don’t want to download each and every file you want to watch on YouTube you got to learn to troubleshoot the errors whenever you encounter them.

Following are some ways to solve your YouTube errors:

  1. This situation is well known for YouTube users that when they want to play something sometimes YouTube comes up with an error that you should try playing it later. This error can be resolved by just refreshing the page. Very rarely refreshing the page doesn’t solve the problem. So, then you are to clear the cache, cookies, browsing history and temporary internet files. If this doesn’t work you have to change the resolution of the video and hopefully it will start working. If that too doesn’t work you have to update all the plugins of your browser and disable graphics hardware acceleration, save all your work and then restart your browser in order to fix YouTube errors.
  2. If the uploader edited or changed the video or if the internet connection drops you get a error related with video player. You have to refresh the video on YouTube and wait for 30 minutes before watching it again. You should close any other tabs and windows if you are running and turn on Java script. If this doesn’t work, you should try the same URL in any other device or browser.
  3. If you hear a video but can’t able to see it you should disable Adobe Flash Player hardware acceleration and refresh the video. DO ensure that drivers are fully updated.
  4. If sound is missing you can solve it by clearing the cache and cookies of your browser.
  5. Horizontal or vertical black bars appearing across the whole video can be due to the size of the video not matching with YouTube recommendation.